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Casto Mower Parts History

Our first phase was a successful landscape business in Columbus, Ohio. We had a very exclusive customer list including the private home of the Governor. After many successful years, the business was moved to Fort Myers, Florida. In a short time, we once again had an exclusive customer list. After a few successful years in Fort Myers, the business was moved to Orlando, Florida. This move allowed us take advantage of a large metropolitan area.

After moving to Orlando the business was expanded to include a parts supply store. After a successful expansion, the business was incorporated in 1983. In 1987 the business started using computers for many business functions. After a few years of experimentation with computers, we added a web site.

Thelawnmower parts web site was established in 1997. The web site has gonethrough many changes, as computers have become more sophisticated. The web business has grown into a successful business.
We operated a retail store in Sanford Florida for over 20 years before selling it in 2010 with the plan to retire. Then came the big economic crash. We have slowed down a little but life has taken us a different direction for now.
We now have a web site ( and a new eBid store.

In2010, we sold our retail store and moved the web site business to Georgia. We are enjoying living in the country and leaving the city behind.

We are constantly search for new ways to improve our web site.